Our Clients

  •  Trinidad lake Asphalt Co. Ltd
  • Savannah Cement/Seruji Limited (Kenya)
  • Trin Energy (Nigeria)
  • GFD/TrinOil (Nigeria)
  • PCS Nitrogen
  • Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd
  • Farmlands Mischem
  • British Petroleum (BP)
  • British Gas (BG)
  • Atlantic LNG
  • Methanol Holdings
  • Ferrostaal GMBH
  • Petroleum Company of Trinidad & Tobago (PETROTRIN)
  • Trinmar Operations (Petrotrinsubsidiary)
  • Arcelor-Mittal
  • Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU)
  • Range Resources limited
  • Shell Caribbean
  • Carisal Unlimited


Our Projects

Trinidad Lake Asphalt – La Brea, Trinidad:
Cold Milled TLA Plant Development and Construction: Owners Engineer for Project Electrical, Control/SCADA and Mechanical Front End and D Button etailed Engineering (2016-2019). Joint Venture with Q-tech (Project Management and Process Engineering).
Project involves a new product by process research and development for the processing of Asphalt from the Lake in La Brea.

GFD/Trin Oil – Nigeria:
300 MMSCFD, US$1.2b Gas Processing Plant and Wet and Dry gas pipelines, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Owners Engineers for Project oversight. Joint venture with ACES Caribbean Limited. T. O. Sylvester Project Manager
designate. (2013 – 2015)

Suruji Limited/Savannah Cement – Kenya:
300MW, US$600M Coal Fired Power Plant, Tema, Ghana. Owners Engineer for project oversight (2014)

Design and Construction Engineering Support for a Sulphur Line as a subcontract to Delta Hudson and Clico Energy.

Trinidad & Tobago Methanol
Company (Methanol I) – Pt. Lisas, Trinidad.
Consultants for Strategic Assessment and Detail Engineering for the retrofit of the existing Methanol Plant with a Distributed Control System, Emergency Shutdown System and SCADA PLC’s; US$3M (1994 – 1995).
The system was commissioned on-line without any down-time to the facility.

Trinidad & Tobago Methanol Company (Methanol I)
Pt. Lisas; front-end engineering study for a Distributed Computer Control system/SCADA for use in an MTBE plant (1993).

Caribbean Methanol Company Ltd. (Methanol II)
Scope included responsibility for DCS/SCADA configuration and Advanced Control Schemes Development and systems commissioning for US$270M Methanol Plant in Pt. Lisas, Trinidad. Also, responsible for Design Co-ordination of all instrumentation and power on the project as a joint effort with Davy McKee (UK) and Clico Energy, Trinidad (1991-1993)

Fertilizer of Trinidad and Tobago (now PCS Nitrogen):
Engineering and Development work for a DCS/SCADA retrofit to an Ammonia Making Facility at Pt. Lisas Industrial Estate, Trinidad (1990 – 1992)

Trinidad Cement Ltd:
Consultants for Detail Instrumentation and Control Systems/SCADA E gineering for a Kiln expansion Project. Carried out as a joint project with Consultants Lee Young and Partners of Trinidad (US$50M ,1993- 1995).

Proman GmbH:
Principal Engineers for Detail Engineering of the Distributed Controls/SCADA and Instrumentation for the construction of a US$265M Methanol (Methanol III) Production facility at Pt. Lisas, Trinidad (1994-1996)

Detail Engineering and Construction Engineering Supervision to retrofit the Methanol Plant (Methanol III) with a Toxic/flammable gas detection System (1995).

Project Management, Electrical, Mechanical and Control Engineering for The East Caribbean Group of Companies Flour Mill Mill-Feed Upgrade Project (US$1M), (1995-1996)

Furnace Automation; Detail Electrical, Instrumentation and Control/SCADA Engineering and Construction Engineering Supervision to support the retrofit of the Furnace Controls with a Siemens PLC based system (1996).

Design and construction of an MTBE Plant as an engineering subcontractor to Delta Hudson for Construction Engineering Support for Electrical & Instrumentation including the Honeywell TDC3000 control System (US$8.6M, 1995-1997).

E&I Evaluation Studies for ten (10) Platforms. Scope involved the P&IDs development and Basic Engineering package for rehabilitation. Project was carried out jointly with Paragon Engineering (USA) and Trintoplan Consultants (1996-1997).

Trinidad & Tobago Methanol Company (Methanol I):
Detail Engineering & Project Management for Projects including (1995-1997);
i. Demineralisation Plant Automation (Toyo Design): Control System retrofit using Allen-Bradley PLC/SCADA and Icom MMI Software with an alternate operator interface through a Rosemont RS-3 via the AB DH+ highway.
ii. Mass Spectrometer Plant Integration; included sample conditioning system design and integration of an Extrel mass Spectrometer into the DCS and Optimisation Control in the Plant.
iii. Admin/MIS Power Rehabilitation: Design upgrade of the Power and Air-condition systems at the TTMC Administration Building at Pt. Lisas.

Trinidad & Tobago Water Services:
WASA Chatham and Granville Water Treatment Plants rehabilitation. Development of Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation Basic Engineering tender package in conjunction with Trintoplan Consultants (1998).

Electrical Area Classification Study of Platform and Block Station No. 18 (1997)

Proman GmbH (Germany):
Detail DCS/SCADA Engineering and commissioning for the Methanol Plant IV in Pt. Lisas. (1996-1998)

Control System and Instrumentation Design for the retrofit of The HAT Ammonia Storage Facility at Savonetta. (1997)

Five (5) Booster Pump Stations Rehabilitation Studies and Basic Engineering with Trintoplan Consultants (1997)

Strategic Assessment and Engineering of the Automation (SCADA) of Block Station No.25 to allow de-manning of the Station and surveillance from shore and Platform No.13. Scope involved technology and engineering economic assessment, Detail Engineering Design for a SCADA/Digital Controller platform, Construction Engineering Supervision and overall Project Management and documentation. System uses a hybrid of a Test Inc. SCADA and Moore Industries Digital Controllers in a redundant configuration. (US$2M, 1997-1998).

Urea Formaldehyde (UFC- 85) Plant at Point Lisas. Scope involves offsite Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and local engineering for D.B Western. (1997-1999)

SRA International:
UF Resin Plant at Point Lisas. Scope involves Basic and Detailed Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Control Engineering for a Resin Reactor. (1997-1999)

AMOCO Trinidad (now BPTT):
Automation (Honeywell SCADA) of ten (10) Oil Production platforms in the Teak, Samaan and Poui fields. Project began in December 1997 and taken through the AMOCO ACP process. Scope of work
included Strategy Development for Technology & Economic Assessment, Basic and Detail Engineering and Control System programming and integration. Work carried out in conjunction with Honeywell and AMOCO’s World Engineering & Construction Group. US$6.0M (1997-2000)

North Field Electrical Upgrade. Assistance to TRINMAR in the Strategic Assessment, Basic Engineering and Project Management of the Generation in the North Field. Project Involved a 13.8KV, 1MW Gas Turbine
Generator Upgrade, along with HV Switchgear and submarine distribution cabling. US$1.5M (1998-2000)

Clico Energy Ltd:
Strategic Assessment and Basic Engineering for the Development of a centralised Control Centre for the four (4) Methanol Plants at point Lisas; Caribbean Methanol, Methanol IV Co. Ltd., TTMC I and TTMC II. The Project involved looking at the most cost-effective way of implementing a centralised control facility which linked the existing DCS Systems to allow limited
de-manning of the plants. (1999)

Cliff & Associates:
DCS/SCADA commissioning services provided, until Plant Start-up. This involved troubleshooting of control loops and debugging of the Rosemount RS-3 DCS control program. The work was carried out as a joint venture with Process Management Ltd. in San Fernando. (1998-1999)

Arcelor-Mitaal (DR3):
As an engineering subcontractor to Lockwood Greene Engineers Inc. (Project Design Engineers), Sylvester Engineering provided commissioning assistance and Site Engineering Construction supervision for the OSBL control system network. The network used Siemens PLC S7 technology with an extensive optical fibre Profibus-DP data highway. Scope involved Site engineering changes as required to logic and control documentation along with ISPAT. (1998-1999)

Potassium Permanganate Plant:
Responsible for all Mechanical, HV/LV Electrical design, DCS and Instrumentation Systems Detail Engineering, Construction Engineering Supervision and Plant Commissioning. (1999 – 2000)

Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd:
Electrical engineering upgrade of power systems for Administration Facilities (2001).

Caribbean Nitrogen Company:
Ammonia Plant – Owners representative for Electrical Instrumentation and Control on Project Team, also Electrical & Mechanical Services Design for Admin Building and detail Engineering of HV Electrical Systems and Power Generation and Instrumentation. Also provided the engineering and supply of toxic Gas detection and monitoring SCADA System  for the plant.
Project involved the Construction of a 2040TPD Ammonia making facility at Point Lisas (2000-2002) US$300 M. Plant successfully started up in June 2002.

Gasoline Blender Upgrade for Petrotrin, Point-a-Pierre:
Turn key project with Emerson (formerly Fisher-Rosemount) and Process Management Limited. SYL was responsible for all detail engineering (Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation and Project Management for the upgrade of the Blender. The project used the Emerson Delta V DCS/SCADA system for blend ratio control (2001-2002).

Shell Caribbean:
Suriname: Custody control of Av-Jet Fuel Depot at International Airport.
System using PLC/SCADA to monitor and control filling and dispensing of fuel (2002-2003).

Custody Control in Storage Tank Farm (2002).

Trinmar Ltd.:
West Soldado Heavy Oil Project – Project Team for Management, Design and Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical & Process) for a 12,000BPD heavy Oil Platform and one 6MW Generation platform along with Alliance Engineering (Structural engineering) in Houston (2000-2004) Capital cost US$15M (2002-2004)

Trinmar Ltd.:
Upgrade engineering (Process, Mechanical and Electrical) for six( 6) oil processing platforms to RP 14C Standards.

GBH Inc (Argentina):
Project Management and Engineering Design Coordination for an Ammonia and Urea making facility in Brazil (2001-2003) Project abandoned after basic Engineering phase.

Atlantic LNG of Trinidad:
Project Management and Engineering services on a variety of Plant wide projects, Electrical, Instrumentation, Process and Structural Engineering (2002 to present).

Nitrogen 2000 Company:
Ammonia Plant – Owners representative for electrical Instrumentation and control on Project Team.
Also providing the engineering and supply of toxic Gas detection and monitoring SCADA and Plant Wide Communications Systems for the plant. Construction of a 2040TPD Ammonia making facility at Point Lisas (2002-2004) US$300M.

British Gas Trinidad & Tobago Ltd:
Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management Services for ALNG-NCMA Valve Upgrade. (2004).

NM-WoodGroup/ British Gas:
ECMA Beachfield Onshore 450 MMSCFD Gas Processing facility facilities. Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Engineering Design and Construction Services. (2004-2006).

Offshore facilities and Terminal 14c upgrade Safety Systems Assessment and rehabilitation. Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering Design Services. (2003-2006)

Petrotrin-Trinmar Operations:
Engineering, Project Management and Procurement for an offshore 25MW Gas Turbine Power Generation Platform GP- 2 (2006)

Petrotrin-Trinmar Operations:
Detailed Engineering for Wide Field Electrical Upgrade, which includes and onshore 66KV Substation and a full Network management system

Petrotrin-Trinmar Operations:
Detail Engineering; Platform PL/BS-14 Debottlenecking (2008). Detail Engineering/ Project Management and Procurement to improve the throughput of the platform from 12,500 bpd to 26,000 bpd. Tank Farm Upgrade project (2007). Detail Engineering for the upgrade of the existing facility at Point Ligoure.

British Gas –
Carapal Ridge, gas processing facility – Grounding and Lightning Protection Design (2006)

Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited:
Power Reliability Improvement (EPmPC contract) – Detail Engineering/ Project Management/ Procurement/ Construction & Commissioning Services to improve the power reliability of their Phase 1 Gas Plant. (2009-2010)

Caribbean Petrochemical Manufacturing Company Ltd:
FEED Study for Facilities expansion to include an additional12,250 MT/yr UF Resin Plants (UFC 85 plant with 50% Formaldehyde (HCHO),two (2) 40 T Resin Reactors, upgrade of Operator Control System, Power distribution, Spray Dryer, Tank storage and ancillary support systems.(2010)

Atlantic LNG:
Preiminary ARC Flash Study of Trains 1, 2 & 3, from Generation to Power Distribution Switchgear (2010) CARISAL Unlimited: FEED Study of Terminal facilities to accommodate two (2) 2- million-gallon atmospheric storage tanks. One to store 36% hydrochloric acid and the other 42% calcium chloride (2010).

Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd:
Facility Wide Electrical Power System Study using ETAP. (2011 – 2013)

Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd:
Emergency Power Study & Remediation Project (May 2012 – 2013)

Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd:
Vapour Compressor Motors and Controls Upgrade (May 2012 – 2013)